EZ7750 全窒素、硝酸塩、亜硝酸塩アナライザー, 1 流路, Modbus RS485

Product #: EZ7750.990B1C02
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Online, automatic monitoring of Total Nitrogen (TN) in wastewater and general water applications

The EZ7700 Series of Online TN Analysers meet the needs for fast, convenient and reliable monitoring of the regulatory sum parameter Total Nitrogen in wastewater and surface water applications.
Ammonia, nitrate and nitrite are three key nitrogen species that play an important role in decomposition of organic material in water and biological water treatment in particular. While data on individual levels of these provide operators of WWTP’s insight in the biochemical processes, other organic and inorganic forms of nitrogen may also be of significance. Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) was originally developed as a measure of organic nitrogen but in practice it was often considered as synonymous with Total Nitrogen (TN) due to the lack of other available technologies. Still today, TN is often confused with TKN.
The EZ7700 Series of Online TN Analysers were developed in the framework of a research project to provide operators and utilities a viable alternative for the complex and time-consuming TKN method. TN as measured by the EZ7700 comprises all components, organic and inorganic, of the nitrogen cycle by the analyser’s proprietary sample digestion technique, now available in an industrial mainframe with a compact footprint:
• Full oxidation of all nitrogen species
• Smart automatic features
• Control and communication via industrial panel PC
• Standard 4 - 20 mA signal output with alarm processing
• Communication supporting Ethernet connectivity to Modbus TCP/IP
• Multiple 流路 analysis

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