EZ7801 全リンアナライザー, 1 流路, Modbus RS485

Product #: EZ7801.990B1C02
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Online, automatic monitoring of Total Phosphorus (TP) in wastewater and general water applications

The EZ7800 Series of Online TP Analysers meet the needs for fast, convenient and reliable monitoring of the regulatory sum parameter Total Phosphorus in municipal and industrial wastewater as well as surface water applications. The EZ7800 Series share similar technology with the EZ7700 Series which monitor Total Nitrogen.
Phosphorus is often synonymous with phosphate but can be present in different forms: orthophosphate (O-phosphate), condensed phosphate (polyphosphate) or organically bonded phosphate. O-phosphate is often the only form that is measured with traditional test kits or even in laboratory, yet the organic form of phosphate can be an important constituent of industrial discharges, often deriving from corrosion control programs or use of fertilisers. In summary, knowing levels of TP can be an important added value to waste water operations.
The EZ7800 Online Total Phosphorus Analyser allows operators of industrial and municipal water works to monitor and control in a convenient way the total portion of phosphorous, if needed combined with a free phosphate measurement. The analyser’s industrial mainframe harnesses a proprietary sample digestion technique combined with a proprietary sample digestion technique combined with seamless operation:
• Full oxidation of all complexed phosphate
• Smart automatic features
• Control and communication via industrial panel PC
• Standard 4 - 20 mA signal output with alarm processing
• Communication supporting Ethernet connectivity to Modbus TCP/IP
• Multiple 流路 analysis

There are many additional options available. Please contact Hach for more details.