Rectangular cuvettes with cap, 50x10 mm (20 pcs), plastic, disposable, for Lico

Product #: LZM381
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New disposable sample cuvette with screw cap for easy and safe colour measurements. The cuvette is specially designed for the measurement of volatile, toxic or carcinogenic substances. The easily sealable rectangular sample cuvette with screw cap meets the safety requirements of the chemical and pharmazeutical industry.

The new sealable 50 mm cuvette provides triple security for the user:
• Secure and reliable measurement results because of high beam path lengths
• Safe handling since there the is no spillage risk due to a closed sample cuvette
• Protection against outgassing or premature evaporation of the sample liquid

The samples in the sealed cuvette can be directly used as retained samples or stored for long-term ageing tests.

The sealable cuvette is suitable for all Lico colour applications as direct replacement for the existing 50 mm plastic cuvette LZM130, without any verification effort because material and dimensions are exactly the same.