Orbisphere Hydrogen (H₂) TC Sensor with nitrogen purge, protection cap, ext. temp. sensor (20 bar)

Product #: 31290TC
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Allows you to monitor hydrogen in the power production process.

Standard Hydrogen TC sensor with nitrogen purge and protection cap. With external temperature sensor adapter.
Sensor cable to be ordered: 32505.03.
Maximum pressure: 20 bar

This sensor is the successor model for 31260H, 31260GP, 31250H, and 31250GP.

  • Unique thermal conductivity (TC) sensor design
  • Selective and precise measurement of hydrogen in gaseous or liquid samples
  • No specific sample preparation required, the gas concentration is measured directly in the sample
  • Rugged construction can handle harsh plant conditions and high sample pressures
  • Flexibility of installation for better process control and very low maintenance